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Alum Success

Leslie Machado

Leslie Machado

LSSU Chemistry Major

PhD in chemistry at Johns Hopkins University

College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences

Environmental Analysis Laboratory







Mr. Benjamin Southwell, Manager





Ms. Jenifer Parker, Technician

  • Major: Forensic Chemistry



Student Employees 2014






Mr. Brandon Yanni

  • Major: Chemistry





Ms. Allissa Haney

  • Major: Forensic Chemistry





Ms. Jane Newman

  • Major: Forensic Chemisty / Biochemistry





Ms. Amanda Love

  • Major: Chemistry




Ms. Deidre Lentz

  • Major: Chemistry





Mr. John "Alex" Westenbarger

  • Major: Chemistry




Picture Coming Soon!




Mr. Christopher Gravatt

  • Major: Environmental Chemistry




Ms. Emma Fowler

  • Major: Fisheries and Wildlife




Former Student Employees



Ms. Elaina Murray

  • Major: Biology and Biochemistry
  • Graduated Spring 2013
  • Thesis: "Optimization of Salmon DNA as an Internal Standard for qPCR"




Mr. Jordan Burton

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Graduated Fall 2013
  • Thesis: Thin-Film Hydride Generation ICP-MS Analysis of Ag


Impact in the real world...

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold
Environmental Health

What made Rachel's Lake Superior State experience so unique was the practical research she did with top-notch faculty.

"I really enjoyed working with environmental chemistry professor Judy Westrick and biologist Deb Stai," Rachel says. "For my senior project, we evaluated a lab method for cultivating a fungus that causes infections in humans."

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