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Link to: TracDat is LSSU's choice of a relational database to aggregate assessment data

The institutional focus on student learning is reflected by our commitment to defining student-focused outcomes throughout the university community, and to using the findings related to student learning, achievement and service for the strengthening of the university, program effectiveness and student learning.

Institutional Assessment

Focusing on Student Learning and Achievement at LSSU

>> Training and Professional Development Workshops
>> LSSU Shared Governance Assessment Committee

Student-based Learning-focused Outcome Assessment

Assessment of the total student learning experience at Lake Superior State University encompasses the aspects of both academics and operational support. 

  •  Academic assessment is an ongoing, open, evaluative process focused on improving student learning.  It requires the University to make its learning expectations clear to students and to establish appropriate learning outcomes at the course, program and university levels.  It helps determine how well student performance matches the expected outcomes.  The resulting information is used to inform changes in courses and programs for the improvement of student learning.
  • Operational support assessment is an ongoing, open, evaluative process focused on improving university culture and services.  It requires the University to make its service and cultural expectations clear to its stakeholders, and to establish appropriate outcomes at each level of operation.  It helps determine how well performance matches the expected outcomes.  The resulting information is used to inform changes at the unit and university levels for the improvement of the student learning experience 

Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning.

  • The Academy for Assessment of Student Learning offers HLC member institutions a four-year sequence of events and interactions that are focused on student learning, targeted at accelerating and advancing efforts to assess and improve student learning, and designed to build institution-wide commitment to assessment of student learning. The University entered the Academy in the summer of 2012.
    >> LSSU Academy Project Website

Academic Affairs Assessment

General Education Assessment - GenEd website

Program-level Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Strategic & University Assessment


  • 2013 Digital Photo-Assessment Project - and cross-walk alignment to the Strategic Plan. This project surveyed 10% of all students, faculty and staff to identify good/bad areas of the university. Each contribution is aligned to the Critical Outcomes of the University Strategic Plan.
  • Monitoring Reports submitted to HLC and posted with the accreditation update
  • New Student Orientation: Survey Results through February 24, 2012
  • National Survey of Student Engagement - The Student Experience in Brief 2011
  • The Assessment Landscape is a snapshot of assessment activities across all aspects of the university community. From Grounds and Food Service, to the Learning Center and Admissions, assessment is an integral and active part of all we do. The Assessment Landscape is a table summarizing the diverse activities related to institutional assessment.


Assessment Office

David Myton, Ph.D.
Assoc. Provost

(906) 635-2349


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