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Topical Assessment Index:

NC State:

Assessment Primers

  1. Assessment Primer - West Chester University
  2. The Assessment Cycle (Westminster)
  3. Assessment Primer - U.Conn
  4. Assessment resources - Loyola

  1. NILOA (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment) Resource Page
  2. Rubric Primer -
  3. Constructing Outcomes ABCD CSU-Pomona
  4. Authentic Assessment and Rubrics: Examples, websites and Samples  - 
  5. Rubrics and templates -
  6. Rubrics for Capstones, Portfolios, Program Outcomes and Program Review - 
  7. The VALUE Rubrics, part of Project LEAP -
  8. Creating Rubrics - University of Hawaii
  9. Advantages of Rubrics - Teachervision
  10. Using Rubrics to Assess Learning - West Chester University of PA
  11. Rubric Resources from CalPoly
  12. Using Rubrics to Evaluate Assessments (PPT) - K. Anderson 
  13. Using Rubrics for Assessments (PPT) - Texas
  14. Build your own Rubrics at or 

Writing Outcomes

Curriculum Mapping
  1. CalPoly Program Learning Outcomes
  2. Curriculum Mapping - University of Hawaii
  3. Mapping at Indiana University Southeast
  4. Design Backwards, Teach Forward - U.Conn

Assessment Tools
  1. Methods and Strategies - U.Mass
  2. Developing Portfolios - University of Hawaii
  3. Developing a Capstone - University of Hawaii

Reporting/Closing the Loop
  1. Analyzing, Using and Reporting - U.Mass
  2. Reporting and Using Results  - University of Hawaii 

Planning for Assessment
  1. Planning for Assessment - University of Hawaii
  2. Choosing a Method - University of Hawaii
  3. James Madison Univ. Center for Assessment and Research Resource Pack: Assessment Progress Template
  4. Bloom's Taxonomy isn't the only one... - U.Conn


Assessment Glossary

Dictionary of Student Outcome Assessment (JMU)
Vocabulary on Assessment Indiana University Southeast



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