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Organizing Your Course List


Select the faded wheel at the top of the My Courses module when you log into Blackboard

In the picture below, Semester 201320 (which is Spring 2013) courses are listed above 201330 (Summer 2013).

Drag the double-headed arrow to move the 201330 semester courses at the top of the list

Spring 2014 Term Name = 201420

Summer 2014 Term Name = 201430

Fall 2014 Term Name = 201510

Spring 2015 Term Name = 201520

Notice that 201330 (Summer 2013) semester is listed above 201320 (Spring 2013) semester. Hence, the courses associated with these semester would also be listed in the order displayed.

Uncheck the box to the left of the semester, and the courses associated with the semester will not display on your course list!

The My Courses list is now organized by the various semesters.

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