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Battle The Greeks March 24th, 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM
Organization Inter Greek Council

Battle the Greeks is a week-long event starting today with the opening ceremony and a pie-eating contest. Cash prizes awarded each day! Monday is Greek Olympics with dodgeball, vollyball and a relay race. Tuesday is a 1.5 mile trail run around campus. Wednesday is the talent show, and if you don't have a talent, we have a karaoke machine. Thursday is the quiz bowl where the questions will be about Lake State. Friday is Greek Olympics Day 2 with tug of war, barrel toss, and a mystery race. Saturday is the awards banquet FREE food. Prizes will be given away at the banquet in addition to the daily cash prizes of up to $75. Come out and have some fun at this event by the Inter-Greek Council. Open to all students!

Location Cisler Center Anchor Room
Contact Kevin Valley

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August 2015


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