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Physical Plant Electrical Systems Inspections May 21st, 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM

The LSSU Physical Plant will have a contractor on campus May 20-23 to inspect and test the campus electrical transformers and switch gear. This maintenance is vital to ensure the reliability and safety of our electrical systems. This activity will begin the evening of Monday, May 20, and run through the evening of Thursday, May 23. Each night, the power will be shut down from 10 p.m. and switched back on at 6 a.m.
The list below describes the affected areas:
May 20 - Entire Campus
May 21 - Most of campus, except Moloney and Neveu Halls
May 22 - Central Heating Plant, Center for Applied Science, Cisler Center, Brady Hall, Shouldice Library and Student Village
May 23 - CAS, Cisler Center, Crawford Hall, Brady Hall, Shouldice Library, Norris Center
Each evening, some building mechanical systems will be shutdown prior to the electrical shutdown.

Location Throughout campus
Contact Paul Trumbley

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August 2015


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