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Resolution No. 2005-37     Introduced by: Rep. Hilary Kozma
Introduced on: 19 April 2005

A Resolution to: Allocate Funds for the purchase of various promotional materials for Student Government, as suggested on the attached sheet.

WHEREAS, Student Government is a representative body of the students and has a responsibility to effectively promote their activities;

WHEREAS, the most beneficial way to keep the students informed is to build awareness early in the year of Student Government and its objectives;

WHEREAS, these items will be used at Lakerpalooza, a school sponsored event that promotes Student Life to the students;

WHEREAS, using promotional materials, such as the suggest buttons, arm bands, and posters, is an efficient way to build this awareness creatively and cost-effectively;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that Lake Superior State University Student Government allocates up to $600 for the purchase of materials to be used for promotion of Student Government during the fall of the 2005-2006 school year.


Approved, Y: 12, N: 2, A: 2

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