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Alum Success

Anna Wilson

"Lake State is a local University that gave me the option to earn my education while be located close to my family.  My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in the community and to possibly continue my education toward a Masters Degree.  I’d like to continue my work within the city and take advantage of opportunities to be more involved in local politics.  In the long term, after I’ve made myself as competitive as possible the marketing field, I’d like to get a job at a medium to large size company and work more with individual products or brands as opposed to marketing a company itself."

" Currently I am a Board Member on the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority, in which my marketing background has been beneficial.  Also, I work with the International 500 Snowmobile race as the Chairperson of the Non-Race Events Committee and I work in the pits doing timing for the race and other tasks.  I am studying snowmobile mechanics to eventually become a race official or snowmobile technician.  I compete on the Soo Co-op Credit Union bowling team and I’m continually involving myself in various community events."

Anna Wilson '06

Our Facilities

Student Activity Center(SAC)

The Welcome Desk in the Student Activity Center is the centralized location for all information regarding LSSU Campus Recreation. The workers at this desk are trained to be able to answer any and all questions Campus Rec.

Pictured above is a view of the bikes and cable machines located in the SAC. Each cable machine is designed to target a specific muscle group, and provide a more focused workout.

The treadmills and elipticals are two of the most popular machines we offer to our members. Most machines also have an individual HD Television screen in front of them for the added benefit to our members.

Pictured above is the entrance to the free weight area. Included in the free weight area are numerous HD Televisions for the convenience of our members. Also in this area is an all-in-one workout cable machine.

Pictured above is another view of the entrance to the free weight area. Included in the free weight area are bench press, complete dumbbell rack, pull up bars, parallel squat, olympic bench press, curling bars, cow bells, olympic leg press, and more.

Pictured above is a panoramic view from the center of the four indoor courts in the SAC. Each court has the ability to be a basketball, tennis, and volleyball court individually. Members are also allowed to combine the use of two or more courts to create playing an area for games such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, and flag football. Reserving these courts is available by calling the SAC Monitor at 906-635-2029

The climbing wall located on the back West wall in the SAC is the newest addition to the Activity center. Open Monday through Thursday, climbers of all ages and levels can come and enjoy the multi course rock wall

Outdoor Facilities

Here at LSSU we don't have the beautiful warm weather as much as we'd like to, but when we do, we take full advantage of it. The Norris Center Side Field is home to Intramural Sports during the fall semester for organized competitive matches. Sports included are Soccer, Softball, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee. Plans to revamp this field are currently underway, and Lake State in the future could see a Division II Soccer and Lacrosse team.

The Outdoor Tennis Courts on the South side of the Norris Center are home to Lake State Tennis during the warmer months. Open to the public, these courts are a normal hard court surface, and the lights can be used for matches after the sun sets.

The beach volleyball courts can be found tucked in between the Student Village, LSSU Apartments, and The Campus Book Store. These courts are utilized almost every day through the warm months, and host competitive 4v4 beach volleyball matches during the Fall Semester.

Other Facilities

The firing range is used by the LSSU Criminal Justice Department for training purposes. The range is also rented out by local and federal Law Enforcement.

The Norris Center Pool is considered to many as a "hidden gem" when the cold months hit. Kept to a warm humid temperature, the pool offers a variety of programs ranging from scuba diving, to Intramural Water Polo.

The Bud Cooper Gymnasium is home to Lake State Men's and Women's Basketball, as well as Women's Volleyball. The gym is a mult-purpose facility, and can be converted over to a two room exhibition center.

Pictured above is the Norris Center Dance Room. In this picture the room has mats laid down for use by the LSSU School of Criminal Justice MCOLES academy, which assists in their training to become certified police officers. When the mats are rolled up the dance room presents itself as a normal dance studio, complete with ballet bars, and mirrors. The room is also utilized for yoga, zumba, Insanity, and other workout programs/classes on campus.

Ready for the Challenge


First Place
Lake Superior State University

2007 ASME District B Student Professional Development Conference

Impromptu Design Contest

March 30-April 1, 2007
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hosted by ASME Student Section, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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