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Tips for Using Different Types of Cover Letters

Letter of Application:

- Use when applying for a job that you know is available
- Must be written individually for each employer
- Should be short and to the point - one page only
- Be specific about the job for which you are applying
- Never send a cover letter "To Whom It May Concern", "Dear Sir," or "Dear Madam"
- Should always be addressed to an individual, or the specificed contact in an advertisement
- If you know the name of the company, call and ask to whom you should address your letter. Be sure to have the correct spelling of the individual's name
- Error-free, and well-typed in a preferred business style
- If you are not good at writing letters, get help with structure and spelling

Letter of Inquiry:

- Use when you are unaware of job openings and wish to inquire about possible vacancies
- Follow the same rules and suggestions as above

Blind Ad Response:

- Use when responding to a job posting in which the employer is unidentified (i.e., newspaper ad in which responses are sent to a box number)
- Use a subject line
- Name the position you are applying for in the first paragraph
- Make sure you explain fully how your qualifications match those the employer has stated as minimal requirements in the advertisement. Be specific; give examples which show that your experience is related to what they want.
- Be prepared not to receive a response to this method of job application
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