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Dressing For Interviews

Creating the right appearance is but one of many ways you prepare for the interview--and everything you can do makes a job offer more likely.

For Gentlemen
1. Minimal or no cologne.
2. No food, gum, or cigerattes.
3. Clean nails.
4. Empty pockets.
5. Matching socks.
6. Clean, trimmed head and facial hair.
7. Fresh shave.
8. Conservative tie.
9. Clean, pressed business suit.
10. Light shirt.
11. Shined shoes.

For Ladies
1. Attractive, controlled hair style.
2. Minimal make-up and perfume.
3. Moderate jewelry.
4. Carry either a purse or attache case.
5. Positive attitude.
6. No gum, food, or cigarettes.
7. Clean fingernails with no chipped polish.
8. Clean, pressed suit or tailored dress.
9. Conservative hosiery without runs.
10. Polished pumps in good repair.

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