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Illegal Questions

Note that these questions delve into your personal life and are not legitimate occupational qualifications.

Illegal questions generally involve references to:race, religion, nationality, sex, birthplace, parents, age, request for a photograph, height, weight, marital status, children, spouse's name, arrests, etc.

You may be asked and need not answer the following questions:

1. Are you married?
2. With whom do you live?
3. If married, are you expecting to have children soon?
4. What does your spouse do?
5. Were your parents born in this country?
6. How old are you? (But, may ask if you are legally old enough to work)
7. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
8. Where do you bank?
9. Have you ever been arrested? (But, you may be asked to provide information on criminal convictions.)
10. How tall are you?
11. How much do you weigh?(But may be asked about height and weight if they are necessary for the performance of a job.)
12. How many children do you have?
13. If you have children, what kinds of day care arrangements have you made?
14. What memberships do you hold in social, religious, and community groups?
15. What is your military service status?
16. If a veteran, what kind of discharge did you receive?
17. Are you physically handicapped?
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