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General Tips for Completing Applications

I. Before you approach the employer:
  1. Be Prepared - take your resume and two black pens.
II. At your first contact withe the employer, never ask a question that can be answered "Yes" or "No" (example: Are you taking applications?) Rather, ask a question that requires a longer response.
III. When completing the application, remember:
  1. You are probably being watched and timed by the receptionist.
  2. Read over the entire application first. Watch for instructions in the beginning of the page or at the beginning of a new section.
  3. Be neat: - stay within the boxes, - print carefully, - grammar and spelling must be perfect.
  4. Fill in every blank. If a question doesn't apply to you, write na (not applicable) or draw a dash (-) in the space provided.
  5. List specific job(s) you are interested in. Never write "anything".
IV. Specific questions usually asked on applications.
  1. Always be honest when completing applications.
  2. When explaining the reasons why you left a job, find a truthful, positive explanation for why you left that particular job. Never write fired or quit. Examples of better explanations include career advancement, return to school, relocated, personal, or will discuss in the interview.
  3. Handicaps or disabilities need not be mentioned unless it will limit your performance on the job that you are applying for.
  4. When asked to specify salary requirements, it's best to use phrases like "will discuss in interview," "open," or "negotiable," rather than lock yourself into a specific salary range.
  5. Be aware of illegal questions. You have a choice not to provide answers to illegal questions.

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