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Reasons for Unsuccessful Interviews

Job applicants are frequently rejected because of the following behaviors or characteristics:

1. Too interested in starting salary
2. Uncertainty on wants in job/career, or long-range goals
3. Poor personal appearance
4. Overbearing, overaggressive, conceited, "know-it-all"
5. Inability to express self clearly -- poor voice, diction, grammar
6. Lack of interest and enthusiasm -- passive, indifferent
7. Lack of confidence and poise -- nervous, ill at ease
8. Poor scholastic record -- just got by
9. Unwilling to start at the bottom -- expects too much too soon
10. Makes excuses -- evasiveness, hedges on unfavorable factors in record
11. Lack of tact
12. Condemnation of past employers
13. Lack of maturity
14. Lack of courtesy -- ill-mannered
15. Marked dislike for schoolwork
16. Lack of vitality
17. Fails to look interviewer in the eye
18. Limp, fish handshake
19. Sloppy application form
20. Merely shopping around
21. Wants job only for a short time
22. Little sense of humor
23. No interest in company or in industry
24. Lack of knowledge in field of specialization
25. Parents make all major decisions
26. Emphasis on who you know
27. Cynical
28.. Lazy
29.. Intolerant -- strong prejudices
30. Narrow interests
31. Inability to take criticism
32. Lack of appreciation of the value of experience
33. Radical ideas
34. Late to interview without good reason
35. Knows nothing about the company
36. Fails to express appreciation for interviewer's time
37. Asks no questions about the job
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