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DISCOVER is an internet-baased career planning system.

What will DISCOVER do for me?

DISCOVER can help you learn about:

  • Yourself - what are your career interests
  • Job Titles - descriptions of over 500 occupations
  • College and university descriptions of over 5,000 2-year, 4-year and graduate schools

DISCOVER can provide information for:

  • Deciding on a career choice
  • Choosing or changing a major
  • Learning how a major relates to a career choice
  • Deciding which major is appropriate for your career choice
  • Learning about occupational information for a job title or learning about 2-year, 4-year and graduate schools

In what ways can DISCOVER be used and how long will it take?

The length of time varies depending on what you want to do with DISCOVER. There are four ways you can use the system:

  • Go through all of the Four Modules: Learning About Yourself ; Choose Occupations ; Plan My Education ; and Plan for Work . The number of hours needed to complete the entire program will vary for each individual, but it can usually be finished within a few hours.
  • Go directly to a selected activity of DISCOVER for information. For example, if you only want to learn about your interests, go directly to the Interests Inventory.
  • Go directly to Occupational Searches to identify different search methods and criteria. These searches are based on information you provide (interests, abilities, majors, job characteristics). A search can also be done for 2-year, 4-year and graduate schools.
  • Go directly to Information Files for short and/or long descriptions of occupations, ask questions about any specific occupation, or gather information about 2-year, 4-year or graduate schools.

Will I need to be computer literate to use this program?

No, the DISCOVER program is very "user friendly," that is, it teaches you exactly what to do as you go through the system. The instructions are simple, and you will have fun as you answer the questions. Career Services staff is available to assist you.

When can I use DISCOVER?

Call Career Services at x2733 (on campus)/(906)635-2733 (off campus), or stop in Library 119A and ask for a DISCOVER token to get started.

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