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Alum Success

Rachael graduated from Novi High School in Novi, Michigan. Rachael completed their senior research project by developing a method of detecting blastomyces dermatitidis in soil using PCR. This study lays the foundation for further studying blastomyces dermatitidis in soil samples from endemic regions in northern Michigan. Rachael is a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society. Rachael recently was selected to go to MSU to train in qPCR techniques and assisted in their cow bacteroides project. Rachael plans to attend graduate school in the future to study biochemistry.

Rachael Cunningham
2010 Outstanding Graduate
Forensic Chemistry

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Asymmetric Synthesis Using Chiral Auxiliaries and Titanium Enolates

Michael Overbeek

Chiral auxiliary-mediated asymmetric aldol additions are an important method for asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formation. Dr. Daveid A. Evans from Harvard University has developed the use of a boron enolate to allow for specific stereochemistry, often called an ďEvanís Aldol Reactioní. The use of a titanium enolate, instead of a borony enolate, has been documented to create the opposite stereocenters when utilizing the Evanís Aldol methodology. This project describes an attempt to form an anti-Evans product with the addition of phenylacetaldehyde to R-(-)-4-Benzyl-3propionyl-2oxazolidinone. The use of an aldehyde substrate when utilizing a chiral titanium enolate has not been well documented in the literature.

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