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Alum Success

The LSSU Dance program has provided me with excellent opportunities I could not have received at any other university. My ultimate career goal is to obtain a Clinical Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology and find alternative forms of communication with my patients. The dance program has allowed me to choreograph and produce works of art that incorporated sign language as well as work with children of all ages. Because of these opportunities I am well prepared for my future goals and am set apart from other students in a very competitive field.

Kitty Drockton

College of Arts, Letters, Social Sciences and Emergency Services

Dance (Fine and Performing Arts Department)

Dance Program Options

  1. Dance Minor - 21 credits.  The Dance Minor is obtainable for all students. Dance Minor
  2. Fine Arts Studies – Dance Concentration – 21 credits.  Fine Arts Studies BA
  3. Dance credits are open to all students and may be taken for credit toward the dance minor, or as electives.

List of Courses in Dance Program

    • Ballet I, II and III
    • Advanced Dance Technique Ballet and Contemporary
    • Contemporary I and II
    • Scottish Highland
    • Social Dance
    • Creative Movement for Elementary Educators
    • Dance History
    • Choreography
    • Musical Theatre: Tap/Jazz
    • Movement for Actors
    • Dance Company - entrance by audition for men and women with previous dance training

    All students are welcome to take dance classes to:

    • Satisfy course requirements
    • Learn a new skill
    • Meet great people
    • Perform
    • Minor in dance
    • Major in Fine Arts with dance concentration

    All ability levels welcome! Our dance program is comprehensive, challenging and ever-changing to meet the needs of our students. Our mission is to enthusiastically and passionately bring the art of dance to students of all abilities and interest levels. This process will include providing students with encouraging opportunities to create and develop artistically, intellectually and physically. Success is measured and evident as students find their potential in the classroom, in performance, and in our community through dance education outreach and performance. In order to support the general population of students at LSSU, the dance program is designed to meet student’s educational and recreational goals, which include practical application and support of their major career goals.

Pedagogic Performance

"My objective is to create positive dance experiences. Students will retain what is important to them, but it is my privilege and duty to provide options; opportunities for creativity and to shape student’s understanding of how they fit into the history that dance has made."

Deborah Choszczyk, Assistant Professor
MAEd, Hamline University
BA Theatre and Dance, Alma College
Dance Director
Distinguished Teaching Award, 2013


Getting Screen Ready

Amanda Lafrinere created an electronic magazine to promote a newly established wedding planning business, Alyn Design, in Northern Michigan. Even though she formally graduates in May, Lafrinere already works full-time as a graphic designed at VitalCare in Cheboygan, Michigan.

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