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Alum Success

The LSSU Dance program has provided me with excellent opportunities I could not have received at any other university. My ultimate career goal is to obtain a Clinical Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology and find alternative forms of communication with my patients. The dance program has allowed me to choreograph and produce works of art that incorporated sign language as well as work with children of all ages. Because of these opportunities I am well prepared for my future goals and am set apart from other students in a very competitive field.

Kitty Drockton

College of Arts, Letters, Social Sciences and Emergency Services

Superior Edventures Dance Camp

Dancers in the LSSU Edventures Dance Camp pose just before their dance showing at the conclusion of their five days of dance on campus. Students took daily classes in ballet and modern and worked extensively on choreography and improvisation work.

Dance CampFrom left to right: Samantha LaFarge, Sydney Langendorf, Nadia Chupka, Susan Drockton, Madison Metheny and Elizabeth Blose

Dance - Fine & Performing Arts Studies Department

2014 Fine Arts Edventures Camp

Dance campers standing next to rock and tree used for performance
A group of young dancers that used the rock and tree located outside the Arts Center for their dance piece at the end of the Edventures camp

Deborah Choszczyk put 27 students from the Fine Arts Portion of the Superior Edventures Camp through the paces during dance camp this month. Students from several of our charter schools participated in ballet, modern, aerobics, and jazz dance sessions. Small groups created a dance for their final performance using specific locations on campus.

LSSU Summer Dance Intensive (Camp)

Our instructors will help each dancer hone their skills in Ballet/Pointe and concentrate on their strength and flexibility. Proper technique will be stressed. The modern dance emphasis will be on kinesthetic movement, emotion based movement, and applied in floor and partner work. The choreography portion will give all dancers opportunities to create art; movement, and dances. Dancers will come to understand and use the qualities and elements of movement and that choreography is not just arranging, but composing. Repertory will allow students to recreate the dances of the LSSU Dance Company repertoire and also a venue for putting their own works on stage. Students should bring as many dance shoes as they have, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap etc. We will wrap up the week with a final performance at the LSSU Fine Arts Center. Dress code for ballet class: Females – black leotard, pink tights, black skirts allowed; Males – black tights, white t-shirt. Wrap up the week with a final performance at the LSSU Fine Arts Center. Instructor: Deborah A. Choszczyk, LSSU Fine Arts Faculty.

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Life-Long Bonds

Anna Lehman Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Anna Lehman from Millersburg, MI. Major: Nursing. Minor: dance. I love to help people, which is why I am going to be a Nurse! I also love to dance and I have been dancing since I was three. Dance is the one thing that has truly shaped who I am. It has given me confidence and poise and a way to release the stress that builds up during life. It is something my sister and I can share, and I have life long friends because of dance.

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