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Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT)

Funding Innovations in Teaching (FIT) Mini-Grant program

What will be funded?

The FIT Program makes available to LSSU faculty members* funds from LSSU’s Title III Strengthening Institutions grant. The Program is designed to fund projects that fit within the scope and activities of the Faculty Center’s objective of enhancing innovations in teaching which lead to increased student learning and achievement. In other words, the proposed project must help one or more faculty members develop and evaluate innovative approaches to teaching.

Faculty members should note that other sources of funding are available through the Title III grant for faculty members to attend the Lilly Conference for Teaching and Learning: Traverse City and for reference materials, webinars, and other such resources to be used in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

* Since the projects are to advance class-based learning, applicants for the mini-grants are awarded to a faculty member or team of faculty members. Project teams may benefit from the inclusion of non-faculty members, but funds are limited to activities to be performed by faculty members in their classes.

How much can I request?

Funding is available to support up to 6 projects per year at up to $3,000 per project. Projects that exceed this amount will be considered upon review of additional justification.

How is the funding awarded?

Each semester, the Faculty Center will issue a call for proposals to the LSSU faculty. Any interested faculty member or project team will submit the proposal to the FCT Work Group for consideration. The FCT work group will select projects for recommendation to the Title III Steering Committee which makes the final decision for Title III expenditures.

Proposals will be judged on:

  • Appropriate and effective use of the funds
  • Basis in evidence for the practice
  • Extensibility/potential impact of the practice to other faculty members
  • Measurable outcomes and evaluation plan for the practice
  • Sustainability of the practice beyond this funding

Successful awardees will be expected to provide a brief written report regarding the implementation of the practice and results of the evaluation of the practice and to present the results in a Faculty Center seminar.

How do I apply?

Complete and submit the application form no later than the published dates each semester. Applications can be submitted to: Faculty Center for Teaching c/o Krystle Gerzetich, Administrative Support Coordinator


In 2013, as part of a Title III proposal, the LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching was established with the goal of providing resources for faculty to improve teaching.


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