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Mark Reese

“The material covered in LSSU's engineering program provided me a solid foundation for graduate studies. The systematic approach and communication skills needed to tackle engineering projects were taught and then practiced over and over again. In particular I appreciate the many hours spent by the faculty to develop oral presentation skills in each student. As a graduate student now, these skills have proven to be highly beneficial and, to my surprise, obviously not taught to the same extent at many other universities.”

Mark Reese, Mechanical Engineering 2005
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
School of Ocean & Earth Science and Technology
Graduate Student, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Honors Program


The LSSU Honors Program admitted its first 18 students in the Fall of 1995. Since then, the Program averages about 50-60 students per year and has had over 30 graduates.

Small seminar classes (15-18 students) facilitate strong student/faculty interactions; honors seminars are interdisciplinary in focus and incorporate experimental learning activities. Recent course topics include: Biodiversity, Art of Mathematics, Poetry as Performance, National Parks and Monuments, Engineering for Life, The Science of Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Wilderness Literature, Gender and Communications in the Workplace, Paradigm Shifts, Opera and Broadway, Science and Religion, and Biomedical Ethics.

The Honors Student Organization sponsors activities such as a Fall retreat on Lake Superior (Vermillion field station), dinner with a professor, movie nights, mentoring, Diversity Week, etc. 

Honors students have opportunities to present at state, regional and national honors conferences.

Other benefits to Honors students include early scheduling of classes (on the first day of scheduling-same as seniors), advising from the Honors Director (in addition to regular academic advising), and the option of living in Ontario Hall (the “Honors house”). 

Honors students receive a University Honors Degree upon graduation; all 21 Honors credits are noted as such on the student’s transcript.

Honors Program graduates receive an Honors stole to wear at commencement in recognition of their achievements.

After graduation, letters of recommendation from the Honors Program Director and Honors Council will help you gain fulfilling employment or admission into law, medical, or graduate school. 

Program Requirements

  • Students with an ACT composite score of at least 27 and a high school GPA of at least 3.0 are automatically invited to become Honors students. Others may petition the Honors Director for provisional admission to the program.
  • Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain academically eligible for the program.
  • The University Honors Program requires 21 honors credits, half of which come from taking honors sections of general education courses or from completing “Honors Contracts” in non-Honors sections.  With Honors Contracts, the student meets with the professor to tailor and undertake a project above and beyond the course’s typical expectations. 
  • To remain active in the Honors Program, students must enroll in Honors courses. Incoming freshmen should enroll in Honors English (ENGL 110 and ENGL 111) and Honors Speech (COMM 101) during their first year at LSSU. This will secure 9 of the 21 Honors credits required. 
  • Other Honors courses include: HONR 101 (Honors Freshman Seminar; 1-2 credits), HONR 202 (Honors Contemporary Issues Seminar; 3 credits), HONR 302 (Honors Ideas Seminar; 3 credits), HONR 401 (Honors Senior Thesis; 3-4 credits).
  • The remaining credit(s) may be obtained either by enrolling in the appropriate number of HONR 101 seminars, contracting a regular course for Honors credit, or enrolling in other Honors courses.
  • Students entering with 6 AP credits in English will be granted a waiver of 3 Honors credits.
  • Honors students must meet with the Honors Director at the beginning of each semester for advising regarding their progress in the program.

Sample Schedule



1st Year

ENGL 110-H

Honors English I (3cr)

ENGL 111-H

Honors English II (3cr)

COMM 101-H

Honors Speech (3cr)

2nd Year

HONR 101 Seminar (1cr)

(or Honors Contract)

HONR 202 Seminar (3cr)

Contemporary Issues

3rd Year

HONR 302 Seminar (3cr)

Honors Ideas

HONR 101 Seminar (1cr)

(or Honors contract)

4th Year

HONR 401 (4cr)

Honors Thesis (or equivalent in major)

Continue thesis work

Any questions?: Please contact Dr. Jason K. Swedene, University Honors Program Director, 223 Arts Center, (906) 635-2122,

Vision of 1st Place

Robotics Industries Association

First Place
Lake Superior State University

Automated Assembly of Seat Indexing Mechanisms

Other award recipients: Carnegie Mellon University, and a team comprised of students from University of Kentucky, University of Florida, and the Colorado School of Mines

1999 Robotics Industries Association: Robotics & Vision Show

May 11, 1999
International Scholarship Competition
Detroit, Mich.

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