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  • Class of 2014 crosses its Ts and dots its Rock . . .
    Lake Superior State University's 450-plus Class of 2018 signed its Big Yellow Rock, an event that officially marks its arrival at Lake State. The Aug. 21 signing was part of Laker Week, with its picnics, concerts, and other events that welcome students to the fall semester. WITH VIDEO MASHUP! [ more ]
  • Molecular tools may streamline drug design
    LSSU chemistry professor Adam Mosey employs students on original research into whether unique organic molecules - called heterocycles - might be useful in modeling drug interactions. [ more ]
  • Nursing faculty plumb new simulation center capabilities
    Profs trained on how to engage students in using the center's five computer-controlled, wireless mannequins that do things real humans do, including bleed, blink, cry, and even deliver a baby. [ more ]
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