Redefining the Classroom

  • Seamore is Host with the Most . . . click through for Laker Week sked!
  • Women's tennis team holds open house Monday, Aug. 24
  • Creative Writing faculty land their Lake Superior muses (story coming)
  • Evening foosball follies . . . click through for Laker Week events!
  • What can a 20-tool CNC mill do for you? Click through to discover LSSU!
  • Lake State Class of 2019, in fall formation!
  • Pay in-state tuition at Lake State . . . click through for details!
  • Verderame brings antique appraisal comedy show to campus . . . click through for details!

Beautiful Scenery. Endless outdoor opportunities.

LSSU is located in the picturesque Upper Peninsula overlooking Lake Superior and just minutes away from a seemingly endless list of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Going beyond the traditional classroom.

Video: Helena Wollan

We're preparing students for a world where the only constant is change. Our students go beyond the traditional classroom experience with real-world, hands-on, engaged learning.

Outstanding value for your college education.

Did you know LSSU is one of the most affordable universities in Michigan?

A vibrant and fun college community.

Lakers become more than themselves by carving out a sense of space that goes beyond the physical confines of campus and helps improve the lives of others.