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Shaoxing University Faculty Exchange Opportunity

As the semester unfolds, the International Education Office would like to announce a new faculty exchange program. LSSU has signed agreements with several Chinese universities, containing terms that encourage exchanges of students, faculty, administrators and staff. In particular, LSSU and a specific partner university may send two faculty members to each other's institution for up to three months each academic year.

You may have noticed that LSSU hosted two Chinese faculty members from Shaoxing University in the fall 2013 semester. Now, LSSU would like to start our reciprocal faculty visits to Shaoxing University as early as this coming May. Please note Chinese universities usually end their spring semester at the beginning of July.

LSSU faculty visiting Shaoxing University will be responsible for the cost of their international travel, but room and board are provided through our agreements. Faculty could use their Professional Development funds for travel. Any faculty member who is interested in visiting, giving lectures and seminars, or conducting research at Shaoxing University for a few weeks, up to three months, may submit an application to the Provost's Office by February 28, 2014.

You can contact Guidi Yang by email at, by phone at (906) 635-2181, or stop by her office in Library 208.

Shaoxing University is a comprehensive university focusing on undergraduate programs. It has an enrollment of over 20,000 students.

LSSU President and Mrs. Tony McLain visit Shaoxing University

Dr. Zhikun Lu, student Hui Zhang, Prof. Qiying Wang, Student Luwei Pan from Shaoxing University, China

LSSU President and Mrs. McLain, Dr. Kazumi Kondoh, visiting prof. from Japan, LSSU Provost and Mrs. Maurice Walworth


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