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Anna Wilson

"Lake State is a local University that gave me the option to earn my education while be located close to my family.  My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in the community and to possibly continue my education toward a Masters Degree.  I’d like to continue my work within the city and take advantage of opportunities to be more involved in local politics.  In the long term, after I’ve made myself as competitive as possible the marketing field, I’d like to get a job at a medium to large size company and work more with individual products or brands as opposed to marketing a company itself."

" Currently I am a Board Member on the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority, in which my marketing background has been beneficial.  Also, I work with the International 500 Snowmobile race as the Chairperson of the Non-Race Events Committee and I work in the pits doing timing for the race and other tasks.  I am studying snowmobile mechanics to eventually become a race official or snowmobile technician.  I compete on the Soo Co-op Credit Union bowling team and I’m continually involving myself in various community events."

Anna Wilson '06

James Norris Physical Education Center

Norris Center James Norris Physical Education Center

Hours of Operation (Fall 2012):
Sunday: 8am - 11pm
Monday through Thursday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Friday: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Norris Center Facilities


Family Recreation

Includes the Norris Center Complex (Norris Center Pool, Cooper Gymnasium, Public Weight Room, and locker rooms). For immediate family members (mom, dad, brother, sister, and step-children living in the same house). Children must be 14 years of age or accompanied by an adult to use the facilities.
Monthly $55
Semester $165

Yearly $480

Summer $110


Single Recreation

For individuals 18-60 years of age. Includes the Norris Center Complex (Norris Center Pool, Cooper Gymnasium, Public Weight Room, and locker rooms).
Monthly $40
Semester $120

Yearly $320

Summer $80


Junior (14 - 17)

For individuals 14-17 years of age. Includes the Norris Center Complex (Norris Center Pool, Cooper Gymnasium, Public Weight Room/Track, and locker rooms).
Monthly $28
Semester $84

Yearly $224

Summer $56


Senior Citizen

For individuals 60 years and older. Includes the track in the Student Activity Center, Norris Center Pool, and Equipment in the Student Activity Center. Student Activity Center is only available during public use hours (please see below).
Single Semester $20
Single Yearly $55

For two individuals 60 years and older, we offer the full benefits of the above single membership, but at a reduced cost.
Couple Semester $30
Couple Yearly $80


Public Use Hours

Public Use Hours are defined times when the public (those with memberships and their guests) may use the Student Activity Center. For up to date information about public use hours, please see the Hours of Operation page.



Psychology Driven...



"LSSU is a relatively small school and I believe for this reason I have received a better education. The close atmosphere as opposed to a larger university has provided me with an opportunity to become acquainted with my professors. The professors therefore have an opportunity to assist with problems fairly easily, especially in upper level classes. The classes are fairly small also which provides one on one conversations which is very helpful."

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