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Written by Eric   
Monday, 14 November 2011 15:07
Called to order at November 7, 2011 at 3:01PM

Joe "Mac" Douglas
Eric "v2.0" Becks
*Susan Kirkman
Dave Vikken
*Niki Toth
James Claus
Elia Farin
Shell Stacey
Steve the Pirate, Ninja, Viking, Lawyer, Accountant, Fireman, Security Guard, Dinosaur, Robot, Programmer, Groundskeeper, Trucker, Carpenter, Engineer, Shoe Salesman

Coffee Donuts
We missed it.
BY missed it I mean Joe slept in.
There was profit to be had.
8:00 Shift: Niki Toth
9:00 Shift: Susan Kirkman

Dominoes is a success.
Replace Ham with Bacon?
Same crew.
Same shifts.
11:00 Shift: Physics group.
Order is:
    -4 14' Pizzas
    -1 Sausage,
    -1 Pepperoni,
    -1 Bacon,
    -1 Mushroom

Happening this weekend.
Dave, Eric, and James.
Need a kit.

Posters are done... finally.
Hang 'em up soon.

Shirt Cannon
  -No word from Orttenbuger yet
  -Physics group remember to ask him tomorrow
Light Competition
  -No design limits
  -Laser display
  -LED clock
  -Efficient lighting system?
  -Tuesday @ 5:00 brainstorm session
Water drop generator
  -Still on-going
The Game
  -Waiting on parts
  -Motion to make game untimed (just shots)
Robot Arm
  -Something went wrong
  -MOSFETs aren't sensitive enough to our voltage level
  -Either need a voltage shifter
    or different PIC
    or different MOSFETs
HAM Radio
  -Transformer is dead
  -The lights are on but nobody is home
  -Show up if you want the good stuff.

We got a camera...
It was terrible.
Returning it.
Getting a better one.

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Meeting adjourned at November 7, 2011 3:20PM.
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