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Written by Josh Laplander   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 13:24

IEEE Leased Locker’s Rules and






The lockers have been provided by IEEE with assistance from LSSU and are the property of LSSU.

Any lost or stolen items from the locker are the sole responsibility of the lessee.

IEEE and LSSU reserve the right to search the lockers if a concern for safety arises.

All locks must be combinational and must have been registered with IEEE prior to use.

If the lock is changed or any lock is used that is not registered with IEEE, we reserve the right to confiscate the lock and locker contents, which will be returned to the owner at their request.

Any vandalizing of the lockers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone caught vandalizing these lockers will be reported to LSSU Public Safety immediately.

You are prohibited from storing illegal items according to the rules of LSSU or the laws of the city, state, and country’s government.

No storing of school property in the school lockers (DMMs, oscilloscopes, shop tools, etc.).

No long term storage (4 days or more) of perishable foods, no open containers of food or any food/food containers found to be in violation of local health code is allowed to be stored.

No open containers of fluid. (Sealed bottles are acceptable)

No flammable materials class two or higher. (No paint, fuel, oil, etc.)

If the lease is not extended the locker must be cleared of all papers, books, and/or any other materials and returned to original condition by 5:00 pm of the Tuesday of exam week.

IEEE reserves the right to suspend locker privileges if any mandates listed are violated, immediately and without refund.

IEEE and LSSU reserve the right to make amendments to these mandates as necessary.

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