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Written by David   
Thursday, 30 September 2010 16:21

Ieee Meeting thursday 9/30/2010
Joe logan bio jt 2.0 Spurr grant jacub
jacub kelsey riley cassie carl david ted mike
brett: is a loser.

Coffe & donuts: joe makes, Bio sales
went great sold a lot made profit.

Pizza: grant pick up, brett sells
didn't happen ??? Grant!!!

Picket 2 not compatable with new pick
to get picket 3 50$ cost voted passed
6/7 members. vote passed.

New money box, old one donatwed to first* everyone is happy.

driver porblem joe is working on it

Lan party first host 16th? jason is ok with doing sound.

talk with zack spurr about helping fll they need people.
tournament on 20th

Prez Poli science asked for about 7K and had a bad budget plan
so they receavied 2,500

Air heads 2 for .25

Pop requested not more pepsie.

meeting done 5:18

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Written by David   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 15:58

Meeting starts 5:00 pm <- on time

attendance : joe brett stabby bio mike spurr john JT kel Michael grant

coffee:Joe make, sale Bio great looking into deals

Pizza: Grant, Brett  : it went ok started late.


icecream for 101.

skeeball progressing.

 selling arms/ scrap/ hide and delap will give us 20$ by wes

dues end of month logan and Kel paid

summary $ spent about 140$  on stuff, parts for projects and soda.

Napkins heist around town.

Pizza sign?

swarmbot summary is needed.


first getting new teams to start can earn 1000$ for our first team.

look into this warning 2 weeks left.


spurr is overly doing things***

FLL tournaments reefs.  20th of NOV

or run teams

9th of october first lan party fund raiser. 



ok meeting ending 5:35



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Written by David   
Thursday, 09 September 2010 15:27

Meeting started. Thursday sep 9th

Attended: Joe Brett Bio Josh Jones Jacub

Sales Pizza did good sold everything in about 1 hr.

Projects list:

  1. skeeball game 
  2. Swarm Bots
  3. Robotic arm
  4. Eng 101class
  5. IEEE conferences
  6. possibly rubrics cube bot 

For skeeball game would like to get electronic lights working, and prepare for the start of hockey.

For swarmbots, Documentation of current progress and what needs to be done next, is needed to restart work on the project anyone interested in helping out should come forward.

Robotic arm, a note was made of getting ride of the current arms and disscussing with other proffesciors about aquiring a new one. this however should be done after starting research into what we would like for a candy bot arm, what we think we can get and making a proposial plan of acquiring one. 

ENG 101 class we would like to bring in ice cream, and the skeeball game also a short presintaion showing project we would like to work on and show any meetings/conferences we would like to attened.

 IEEE conferences Brett will look into it some more for local meetings


Sales are set coffee is joe and bio selling

ok p.s. had a second meeting it cover

pizza is grant and brett.


basically lots of information needs to be gathered for the next meeting.

Meeting ends


 p.s. had a second meeting on time more people showed up and i redid the meeting and introduce the new attendie.

Jon, Zachery, Rogar, Mike, Michad, spurr, cassie, JT

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Written by David   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 17:02

Wed Sep 1 2010

IEEE general meeting


  1.   President Joe
  2. Treasurer Brett
  3. Secretary Bio Dragon
  4.  Grant
  5. Logan
  6. anthony

Vp voting Grant* New Vp

 random off topic conversations.

Coffee Monday: Joe Make  Bio sales till 10ish

Pizza Wednesday: grant& sales startand brett

Flyers coffee and pizza being made by joe.

Joe bought microwave been paided back.

Dues by end of month. Joe, grant. paid.

Jones brought up swarm bots, our skiball game needs electrical work, the candy bot.

random Bio story, and talking about jake and kirsten, and other people.

Grant kept on task?!

time change? Thursdays @ 5 ok?

meeting over

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Written by biodragon   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 16:20

Meeting starts 5:10


 jo brett bio kirsten Logan johan Anthony jake jacub

this week Brett: coffee and donuts

Kirsten is selling at 8:00


Pizza went really good.

This week Pizza pickup.

 Selling Bio


Robots battle arena gaining favor.  things are being looked into ... risk management.

 mondays at 5:00 pm meeting for robot games


Candy bot

whats up? is it worth it? can we buy a new one.


Swarm bots

working on stuff and changing stuff. programming stuff moving along.

Pizza party end of year.


meeting ending at 5:30pm

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