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Andrea Cripps

"I worked with many great athletes and coaches, allowing me the opportunity to gain experience and confidence that without, I wouldn’t be where I am today. LSSU not only gave me my undergraduate education but I gained lifelong friends and connections that will go with me in whatever endeavor that I attempt. Athletic Training at LSSU changed my life and changed my goal in life for the better. "

Andrea Cripps
Graduate Assistant
Central Michigan University


Student Orientation Staff

Hannah 'Hann' Conner

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Romeo, MI

Activities on and off Campus:

I am active in the LSSU Theatre Department as well as Psi Chi, the Volunteer Center, and Activities Board.

Favorite thing about Lake State:

My favorite thing about Lake State is how many people I've meet and how close knit the staff and students are.

Best thing about going to school in Sault Ste. Marie:

The best thing about going to school in Sault Ste Marie is being so close to another country as well as all the wildlife.

What are some “Words of Wisdom” you would give to new LSSU Students?

Attend the Laker Week events, they will get you acquainted with your future friends and classmates.

Favorite Thing to do in the Soo:

My favorite thing to do in the Soo would be to rent equipment from our Regional Outdoor Center (ROC) and go exploring.




Paramedic with Honors...

Geoff Girolamo

Geoff Girolamo,
Honors Nursing
Grosse Ile, MI

Geoff works as a paramedic for Kinross EMS. During holidays and school breaks he works in the Detroit metro area for Medic One Ambulance and Hart Medical EMS as a paramedic for both agencies. [ more ]

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