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Desiree Barrett '08
B.S Elementary Teaching

Elementary Education

Few people make more of a difference in our intellectual growth and development than our teachers

There are many reasons for considering a career in teaching. Individuals often mention the desire to work with our nation’s most valuable resource—our children. After our own parents, few people make more of a difference in our intellectual growth and development than our teachers.

Teachers impact the future

Our students impact the future!Our programs prepare teachers for the K-12 classroom with majors and minors from across the university curriculum. In this way our programs provide an excellent opportunity to gain competency in your major field through challenging and engaging courses stressing theory and application, and to gain preparation for employment, clinical practice or post baccalaureate education. The university graduate carries away more than a just a paper diploma and teaching certificate, you will carry a breadth and depth of learning that goes beyond a particular career choice.

You can Major in these areas:
  • Elementary Education
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics (Elem. Ed.)

You can Minor in these areas:
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics (Elem. Ed.)

Ontario Residents

As many students already know, admission to Ontario Teacher Colleges is severely limited, prospective teachers may wait years to gain entry to OCT school. We have agreements with Ontario 2-yr colleges for teacher certification, allowing seamless 2+3 transfer agreements.



**Approved by Michigan Department of Education

Average Salary of Graduates (NACE)

  • $34,021

*Based on survey of 2004-2006 LSSU graduates

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Majoring in Elementary Education

Emma Borgerding Cheboygan, MI

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