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"The education that I received at Lake Superior State University has opened many doors for me. I have worked with Firefighters and Paramedics for over thirty years as a co-worker, educator, and student. I have been very blessed in my life to have these opportunities. I truly believe that education is the cornerstone of everyone’s career and LSSU provides the best.

My future goals are to become the Director of a Fire Science program and follow in the footsteps of the great educators that I have had the privilege of learning from. This will not be easy, but I believe that these Professors have prepared me to be successful. My achievements will be a direct result of the knowledge that they have bestowed upon me. It will then be my obligation to share this knowledge with others. ”

Keith M. Campbell '07


Fire and hazardous materials response coordinator for the U.S. Navy based in Bahrain

Fire Science

LSSU was the first university in the United States to offer an accredited four year degree in Fire Science

The fire science program at Lake Superior State University was the first accredited four year degree in the United States.  It is an outstanding program which allows the students to obtain both a strong academic degree as well as hands-on fire fighting training. The fire service is requiring more academic preparation from their people and our graduates are prepared, and in demand!

Nationally Recognized Program

The fire science program at Lake Superior State University is an outstanding program that will allow you to earn your degree as well as numerous certifications in fire science. Students are coming to this program from over 15 states and several foreign countries. This program is designed to provide both the necessary certifications to enter the fire service and also the general education and background necessary for advancement to higher rank and supervisory level.

Our graduates possess their Firefighting I and II certification for the state of Michigan as well as other training certifications (hazardous materials technician and operations, incident command, etc.).

The College Network...

Lake Superior State University has partnered with The College Network, Inc. to provide learners more flexibility in pursuing their degrees online. Use The College Network’s Comprehensive Learning Module (CLM) program to earn college credit (“test out”) for general education and elective courses by passing end-of-course college equivalency exams (up to 53 credits)—saving time and money. CLMs are available online and enable learners to work at an independent pace. Learners then complete their degree programs through distance learning with Lake Superior State University.

Taking tomorrow's leaders through fire

"...we want to engage your brain, teach you more about becoming a leader. When our students graduate, they not only have a bachelor's degree, but their two firefighters certificates, also..." Read more, visit the University of Toledo Alumni website.

--James Schaefer
Assistant Professor





Average Starting Salary of LSSU Graduates*

  • $35,178
  • $40,000

*Based on survey of 2004-2006 LSSU graduates


Online Degree Available

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Fire Science degree by completing your associate degrees in fire science at Lansing Community College or Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Courses are delivered on-line or via DVD.


Bachelor of Science for Fire Science accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress, 1700 West Tyler, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078. Phone: 405-744-8303.

The LSSU Fire Science Program was the first internationally accredited bachelor's degree in the United States. There are only four accredited programs today.

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Fire Science with Honors...

SavannahSue Rondeau Fire Science

"I love the fast pace environment, the people in the profession, and the adrenaline rush of running into a burning building or saving someone’s life," she says. Rondeau chose Lake Superior State University because it offers the first accredited four-year fire science degree in the United States. She also jumped at the challenge of LSSU's Honors program, which requires her to complete 21 Honors credits, including 10 credits for an Honors seminar/thesis project. [ more ]

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