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Jason, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, fights the Sea Lamprey in Michigan waters. Video from Fox 17

Jason Krebill '00
Fisheries & Wildlife Management

Fish Health

Our students have access
 to research projects and equipment normally available to graduate students

Fish Health Biologist/Pathologist
An individual in the fish health field who utilizes various disciplines including fish biology, water quality, microbiology, parasitology, toxicology, pharmacology, and histopathology to provide an accurate evaluation and diagnosis of fish health problems.

Health Professional
An individual trained as a medical doctor, veterinarian, veterinary technician, public health officer or in other health professions to safeguard the health of our communities.

Aquatic Animal Health Inspector
A trained individual who possesses the technical skills, knowledge and experience to conduct surveillance testing and/or health inspections of aquatic animal populations for specific aquatic animal pathogens regulated by domestic and foreign agencies, according to high ethical standards.

Biological Science Technician
An individual trained as one of the following: molecular biologist, fish biologist, microbiologist, hatchery biologist, hatchery technician.

Research Biologist
Conducts applied or basic research in biomedical sciences, animal sciences, cellular or molecular biology for private companies, state or federal laboratories and university research centers.

Zoo/Nature Center Staff
Individuals who care for animals in captive or natural settings.

Fish Culture Biologist
An individual able to oversee fish rearing operations with background in fish reproduction, feeding and nutrition; genetics and breeding; fry and fingerling nursing, as well as disease control.


“Both my staff and I have reviewed this curriculum. We all agree that this is a very good option that will help make your students more marketable. It is also clear to us as a group that we will need more of this expertise in the future not less…. We encourage you to continue with this concentration area as it will be a benefit to all in fisheries.”

--Gary Whelan
Fish Production Manager
Michigan DNR

Be part of a research team...

Brianne Lunn Fisheries and Wildlife Management Bellaire, MI

I love the outdoors and was amazed to find out that I could actually make a career out of it. There arenít many schools that offer a fish and wildlife bachelorís degree. Lake Superior State not only offers it, but has an excellent reputation in the field. And I wanted to go to Lake State rather than a large school because it is extremely personal. You know your professors on a first name basis. They are willing to help with any questions you have. [ more ]

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