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I love my job!

Jason, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, fights the Sea Lamprey in Michigan waters. Video from Fox 17

Jason Krebill '00
Fisheries & Wildlife Management

Fish Health

Our students have access
 to research projects and equipment normally available to graduate students
Faculty and Staff
Students Succeeding

Thomas Allan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
BS 1973, Central Michigan University
MS 1978, Michigan Technological University
PhD 1984, University of Maine


Ashley Moerke, Ph.D

Associate Professor
BS 1996, University of Minnesota Duluth
MS 2000, PhD 2004, University of Notre Dame


John Roese, Ph.D

BSF 1982, MS 1984, Stephen F. Austin State University
PhD 1989, Texas A & M University
Certified Wildlife Biologist


Donna White

Donna White

Department Secretary (II)




"My primary career goal is to train and inspire young scientists through teaching and mentoring. As an assistant professor Lake Superior State University, I have the opportunity to realize these aspirations through the classroom and through research. I teach courses in ichthyology, fish ecology, fish culture, and fisheries management."

--Geoff Steinhart, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Co-director of the ARL

Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt...

Thaddeus Lewandowski Fisheries and Wildlife

"The opportunity at LSSU to do research is amazing. This past summer I motored through coves and islands with Prof. Garvon surveying water birds for the affects of pollution. I spent the other part of my summer on the shore of Lake Superior monitoring nests of the endangered Piping Plover."

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