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Alum Success

"Lake Superior State University really did give me a great education. LSSU competes not only in the Midwest but Nationally as well."

Jennifer Johnson '08
LSSU Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt graduate

Currently enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Serious Work by Serious Students

Fisheries and Wildlife Management is a great field of study and Lake Superior State University is a great place to study it. Our program offers a number of unique advantages for undergraduate students.

In the Field Learning

Fisheries and Wildlife Management program (offered by the Biology Department) places a strong emphasis on understanding the relationship between organisms and their habitats by blending a conceptual understanding of fish and wildlife ecology and population dynamics with practical skills obtained during laboratory and field exercises. Students graduating from this rigorous, applied curriculum can meet the qualifications of state and federal natural resource management agencies as technicians and biologists.

"As a transfer student, I couldn't believe the number of hands-on experiences I've received at Lake State. During the three years I spent at a larger state university, I never had the opportunity to participate in an outdoor lab. Within a couple of weeks at Lake State, I was taking trips with my lab groups and collecting data from local lakes, streams and forests. Not only were these lab experiences more enjoyable, they gave me the opportunity to use techniques and equipment that are used by professionals in the field.

Prior to my time at Lake State, my professors rarely learned students' names and my classes often felt impersonal. I didn't realize how important that faculty interaction could be until I spent a few weeks here. The personal attention is motivating, often pushing me to work harder than I would have otherwise."

--Benjamin Turschak
Akron, Michigan

Awards for being the Best!

Two LSSU students receive awards from American Fisheries Society (Michigan Chapter)

Scott Collins, a biology major from Watton, Mich., received recognition for "Best Student Paper" for his research on the effects of salmon on stream food webs, which he presented at the conference. Ryan Namespetra, a fisheries and wildlife major from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., received "Best Student Poster" for his poster presentation of his work on repellants that might be used in managing sea lamprey.

In addition, the LSSU Fisheries and Wildlife Club was recognized at the meeting with the Michigan AFS "Student Sub-Unit of the Year" award

"These awards are terrific honors, especially considering that graduate students from several larger universities also gave presentations on their graduate research at this meeting," said LSSU Biology Professor Ashley Moerke Ph.D., who organized the campus conference with Geoff Steinhart Ph.D.

2009 Student Sub-Unit of the YearThe LSSU Fisheries and Wildlife Club was awarded the "2009 Student Sub-Unit of the Year" from the national American Fisheries Society.

This award recognizes outstanding professionalism, active resource protection and enhancement programs, and commitment to the mission of the American Fisheries Society.

"This is the first time an all undergraduate program has received this award," said LSSU Biology Professor Ashley Moerke Ph.D.

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Student Research...

Thaddeus Lewandowski Fisheries and Wildlife

Thaddeus assessed habitat changes over the past 11 years at the Vermilion Ecological Research Station, located some 10 miles west of Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. He compared vegetation records with a survey of current plant communities to describe aspects of ecological processes at the site. While changes to the landscape have occurred during the past decade, the effects may not significantly impact animals such as the Great Lakes endangered Piping Plover.

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