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Alum Success

Chris and has been active in the Geology Club and completed two intensive field camps. He has left already to start his graduate program at the University of Nevada in Reno with research in structural controls related to geothermal energy in association with the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Christopher Dankoff
2010 Outstanding Graduate


Interpret the movements of the continents; understand the formation of mineral deposits, oil gas and coal; attempt to predict natural disasters
Geology Professor Paul Kelso (left) investigates a recent geological sample with student Russell White
Geology Professor Paul Kelso (left) investigates a recent geological sample with student Russell White

The Geology Department is located in Crawford Hall. Departmental classrooms and labs are located on the second floor at the east end of the building. The Kemp Mineral Resources Museum is located on the first floor.

Field Equipment

  • Brunton Compasses
  • GPS Units

Research Equipment

  • Thin Section Equipment
    • 18" diameter Diamond Pacific Slab Saw
    • Trim Saws
    • Lap/Polishing Wheels
    • Ward's Thin Section Cutoff and Grinder Saws
    • 8 Nikon Petrographic Student Microscopes
  • Conodont Research Equipment
    • Three Binocular Scope
    • Frantz Magnetic Separator
    • Heavy Liquid Separatory Funnels
  • Paleomagnetic Research Equipment
    • Coring Drill
    • Thermal Demagnetization Unit
    • Spinner Demagnetization Unit
  • Meteorological Research Equipment
    • Weather Station
  • Other Lapidary Equipment
    • Rock Tumblers
    • Various Polishing Wheels

LSSU geology student Shane Carley is studying the growth and evolution of continents and specifically west central Idaho, the former western edge of North America. This study is examining the processes of formation, timing and deformation of this ancient plate tectonic boundary. This is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project involving multiple universities.

During this project LSSU students worked in the field and the laboratory with faculty and graduate students from other institutions. This provides unique learning experiences and interactions that otherwise are not typically available to undergraduates.

Graduate School Bound...

Kim Churchill Geology

"I've been accepted to Montana Tech's graduate school to pursue a master's degree in geophysical engineering. I have also accepted a full-funded graduate research assistantship to work with the Montana National Guard on developing magnetic techniques to detect unexploded ordinance. My summer internship with Geolex, a company under contract with the Guard, will study acquiring data, performing analysis, and offering interpretation on unexploded ordinance." [ more ]

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