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Alum Success

Nancy (Braschayko) McNamara, a summa cum laude Laker Alumni from 2006 is attending the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

Pre-Pharmacy (Transfer Program)

  • Community Pharmacist — Practices in local pharmacies, professional health centers, hospitals, nursing homes or neighborhood health centers.
  • Government Supervisory Posts — USPHS, USDA, DVA employ pharmacists for technical writing, science reporting, directing manufacturing firms or overseeing cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Research Pharmacist — Within the pharmaceutical industry, conduct research to develop prescription and non-prescription drugs and other health products.
  • University Faculty — Teach students, conduct research, act as consultants for local, state, national and international agencies and organizations.





Peter Bonneau

"I'll be begining medical school at Wayne State University begining the fall of 2009 while participating in the U.S Air Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. Upon reciept of my MD, I intend to enter into a residency in family medicine and afterwards practice as a family physician in the U.S Air Force." [ more ]

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