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View of the Soo Locks, looking East in summer. Michigan is on the right, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario across the channel to the upper left. Lake Superior State University is located at the South ramp of the International Bridge (white arches) at the Northern terminus of Inerstate I-75.

Approval for Online Programs in other states

Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) is actively pursuing state authorizations to remain in compliance with the Title IV "Program Integrity" rules. One requirements is that we provide enrolled or prospective students with information concerning accreditation, licensure and complaint information. The table below summarizes the current state of approvals, and special conditions or restrictions where applicable. If an issue or complaint cannot be resolved first through the LSSU Office of Provost, individuals may contact the appropriate office (click the state link) for the state where they reside.

Students who are resident in states indicated "No" in the chart below are not eligible for enrollment in online programs offered by LSSU with required internships (see list below). Programs with internships, externships, clinical placements or field experiences may not be available in all states. Where such experiences are elective to the program, the program may be available but the specific activity may not be available in all states.

A key source for information on this page was derived from the State Higher Education Officers Association (SHEEO) Survey data, with the most recent updates in May 2013. If information on this page is found to be out-of-date or incorrect please contact the Office of the Provost ( Additional SARA and MHEC weblinks. SARA Updates: April 2014

§ 668.43 (b) Institutional Information

(b) The institution must make available for review to any enrolled or prospective student upon request, a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation and its State, Federal, or tribal approval or licensing. The institution must also provide its students or prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accreditor and with its State approval or licensing entity and any other relevant State official or agency that would appropriately handle a student’s complaint. Code of Federal Regulations.

*Updated April 8, 2014

State of Residence

Approval for Online Programs

Alabama No LSSU has not applied for state authorization in Alabama. Alabama Survey
Alaska Yes, response LSSU was granted exemption for online programs under the provisions of Alaska (20 ACC 17.015). Physical presence is defined "as presence of a facility, equipment, faculty or staff within the state. (20 AAC 17.900 (a)(12). Recertification of the exemption is required prior to March 13, 2016. Alaska Survey
Arizona Yes, response The Arizona State Board does not require licensure of distance education programs as long as there will be no physical presence in Arizona, as defined by A.R.S. § 32-3001(5). Externships or internships are not considered physical presence. Arizona Survey
Arkansas No LSSU has not applied for state authorization in Arkansas. Arkansas Survey
California Yes, response A public out-of-state institution offering distance education in California is not required to obtain approval from this state, under current laws and regulations The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education does not have a definition for physical presence. California Survey
Colorado Yes, response Only institutions with a physical presence in Colorado are required to seek authorization. "e) Educational experiences arranged for an individual student, e.g. internship or clinical, do not constitute physical presence." Colorado Survey
Connecticut No online, but experiential settngs are not regulated. Response LSSU has not sought registration or licensure under CT regulations. See Connecticut Regulations for Licensure and Accreditation of Institutions and Programs of Higher Education sections 10a-34-23 and 10a-34-24. The Offfice of Higher Education does not regulate placement of students in experiental settings unless the institution has a physical presence in CT. Connecticut Survey
Delaware Yes, response. Note: externships/ internships/ practicums/ field experiences are are not permitted at sites in DE The Delaware Department of Education does not require approval unless an institution is incoporated in, and maintains a physical presence in the State (which includes clinical or internship placements). LSSU does not maintain a physical presence in Delaware, is incorporated in MI, and prohibits internship placements in DE. Delaware Survey
District of Columbia No LSSU is seeking authorization in the District of Columbia District of Columbia
Florida Yes
The Florida Commission for Independent Education does not regulate postsecondary educational institutions that do not have a physical presence in Florida. LSSU does not maintain a physical presence in Florida. Florida's definition of physical presence does not prohibit internships.
Florida Survey
Georgia Yes, response. LSSU has recieved notification that further action including authorization in Georgia is not required, no reference in physical presence rules to internships, practicum or field experiences. No further action required until February 28, 2015. Georgia Survey
Hawaii Yes Hang loose, the State of Hawaii does not endorse, license or approve post-secondary educational institutions. Hawaii Survey
Idaho Yes, response Idaho only requires registration of postsecondary educational institutions which maintain a presence in the state. LSSU has no physical presence in Idaho, and Idaho does not consider internships or clinical experiences to establish physical presence for distance learning programs. Idaho Survey
Illinois Yes, response LSSU has been approved for exemption on the basis of having limit physical presence in Illinois as defined under 23 Illinois Admistrative Code 1030.10. Illinois Survey
Indiana Yes, response LSSU has been granted status as an out-of-state institution with no physical presence in Indiana - in effect March 14, 2014 to March 13, 2015. Practicum and internships are permitted in policy. "This institution is authorized by: The Indiana Board for Proprietary Education, 101 W. Ohio St. Suite 670, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2984" Indiana Survey
Iowa No LSSU has not applied for authorization in Iowa. Iowa Survey
Kansas No LSSU has not applied for authorization in Kansas. Kansas Survey
Kentucky Yes, but internships ect are not available in KY. Response Response-2 LSSU has been notified by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education is not required to seek licensure in Kentucky for our fully-online programs (no physical presence). see Licensing regulations. Note: "Students completing an internship, practicum, clinical or field experience in Kentucky as a requirement" of the program will trigger licensure per 13KAR 1:020 Section 1 (9)(b) and are therefore prohibited by LSSU. Kentucky Survey
Louisiana No LSSU has not applied for authorization in Louisiana. Louisiana Survey
Maine Pending LSSU is in the process of completing our filing documentation in Maine as an out-of-state institution with no physical presence. Internships do not trigger the physical presence in ME Maine Survey
Maryland No LSSU has not applied for authorization in Maryland. Maryland Survey
Massachusetts Yes, but internships etc. are not permitted in MA 100% online programs are not subject to approval in MA, and LSSU does not maintain a physical presence in Massachusetts. State authorization is required for internships. LSSU prohibits clinical internships to the residents of MA, internships are optional in the fire science program. Massachusetts Survey
Michigan Yes LSSU is chartered and physically located in Michigan.  
Minnesota No LSSU has not applied for registration in Minnesota. Minnesota Survey
Mississippi Yes The Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation (MCCA) does not regulate academic degree-granting postsecondary institutions that are not domiciled, incorporated, or otherwise located in the state that offer academic courses and programs exclusively online from locations outside the state. Internships, externships, field experience or clincical practicums do not constitute physical presence.
Mississippi Survey
Missouri Yes, (response) LSSU has affirmed with the Missouri Department of Higher Education our compliance with both regional accrediting standards and the MDHE Principles of Good Practice for Distance Learning and Web-Based Courses. Missouri Survey
Montana Yes, response "Brevity in state authorization is bliss" - Karin LSSU has submitted an application for exemption on the basis of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission and having no physical presence in Montana. Clinical, internship or field experiences for distance students do not constitute physical presence except in the case of nursing. Montana Survey
Nebraska Yes, Letter of Confirmation, email response Institutions offering exclusively online courses or programs with no physical presence in Nebraska are not currently required to seek authorization (educational experiences arranged for an individual student such as a clinical placement, practicum or internship do not establish physical presence). Nebraska Survey
Nevada Yes, internships, etc. in NV are not permitted. Response. LSSU is not required to be licensed in Nevada by the Commission on Postsecondary Education for fully online programs consisten with the certifications specified in the Response. LSSU prohibits clinical internships to the residents of NV. Nevada Survey
New Hampshire Yes, internships, etc. in NH are not permitted. Response. While totally online programs are exempt on the basis of having no physical presence, any clinical or internship will require approval from the New Hampshire Department of Education. LSSU prohibits internships in NH. "Internships and/or practicums are not exempt (see attached N.H. Code of Administrative Rules, Hedc 404.02 and 404.04)." New Hampshire Survey
New Jersey Yes, response

With respect to distance education, New Jersey only licenses institutions with a physical presence in the state. LSSU does not maintain any physical presence (offer credit-bearing courses from or conduct some portion of the learning experience at a location) in New Jersey. Clinical or internship components are limited to those where supervision is conducted one-to-one basis (no group review) and where the supervisor is not a permanent employee.

New Jersey Survey
New Mexico Yes, internships, etc are not permitted in NM. Response. As a publically funded university accredited by the North Central Association, without a physical presence in NM, LSSU is defined as exempt from New Mexico requirements under 5.100.3 and NMAC Physical presence includes internships/externships or clinical/practicum components - LSSU has not submitted application for registration as an institution with physical presence. New Mexico Survey
New York Yes, restrictions on clinicals leading to licensure The New York State Board of Regents does not restrict the delivery of online programs which do not have a physical presence in the state. Clinical internships related to certain licensed professions are not permitted for distance students, and may not be completed in NY. New York Survey
North Carolina Yes, internships ect are not permitted in NC. Response. Licensure from North Carolina is not required for fully online programs, LSSU does not maintain a physical presence in the state. LSSU prohibits students in online programs from completing, internship/externships, field experiences, clinical practicums and student teaching in NC. North Carolina Survey
North Dakota No, pending review Postsecondary institutions not operating in North Dakota, or whose only physical presence consists of students enrolled in practicums, internships or clinicals which are considered exempt ND 15-18.1-02 and 15-20.4 LSSU is completing the online registration process for authorization or exemption. North Dakota Survey
Ohio Yes, but internships, etc. in OH are not permitted. Response. LSSU does not maintain a 'brick and mortar' presence in Ohio. LSSU restricts Ohio residents from internship experiences, field experiences, practicum, student teaching in Ohio and has not sought permission from Ohio for these activities. Ohio Survey
Oklahoma Oklahoma is OK The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education critieria for coordination indicate that programs delivered exclusively online, and where the onus is on the student to identify experiential learning sites (e.g. internships) do not require state authorization. Oklahoma Survey
Oregon No LSSU has not applied for state approval to the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization Oregon Survey
Pennsylvania Yes, response LSSU has authorization from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer the following programs by distance education to students who are residents of Pennsylvania: Criminal Justice-Generalist, Criminal Justice-Homeland Security, Fire Science-Generalist, Fire Science-NonCertification. Approval is valid until June 20, 2015. Pennsylvania Survey
Rhode Island Yes, response Rhode Island does not require authorization of distance education programs which have no physical presence in the state. LSSU does not have a physical presence, nor are any employees/representatives present or sent into the state of Rhode Island for the organization or delivery of internships, externships, field experiences or practicums. Rhode Island Survey
South Carolina Yes, response South Carolina does not require authorization of institutions that only enroll students into online programs where there is no physical presence in the state. Internships, externships, field experience or clinical practicums do not constitute "operating or soliciting" or physical presence. Nursing programs do require licensure. South Carolina Survey
South Dakota Yes. Response. LSSU has been granted authorization in South Dakota. South Dakota Survey
Tennessee Yes, internships, etc. are not permitted in TN. LSSU has reviewed the conditions which would require it to be authorized by the State of Tennesses and stipulates that the instituiton does not have a physical presence in TN. LSSU restricts TN residents from programs or program electives which would establish phsyical presence in TN. Physical presence is established by entering into an arrangement with any business, organization or similar entity located in Tennessee for the purpose of providing an internship, externships, practicum, clinical, student teaching or similar opportunity.
Tennessee Survey
Texas Yes, response Internships, clinicals, etc are not permitted in TX The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board considers exempt those institutions that are accredited by a recognized accrediting agency and that have no physical presence in Texas. Since physical presence is defined to include teaching or proctoring courses including internships, clinicals or other similary constructed educational activities, LSSU restricts online students from TX from programs or program electives with these activities. Texas Survey
Utah No LSSU is not currently seeking authorization to deliver online programs to the residents of Utah. Utah Survey
Vermont Yes, response Vermont granted LSSU exemption based on having no physical presence in Vermont. Physical presence is defined to include classrooms, in-person seminars, administrative offices, direct delivery of services to students, or any physical gathering of students required as part of a course of study. Physical presence does not include an in-state practicum, internship or mentorship. Vermont Survey
Virginia Yes, response LSSU has approval to deliver online programs in Commonwealth of Virginia. Internships, clinical experiences, etc. do not constitute establishment of physical presence. Virginia Survey
Washington Yes, Response. Internships. etc. are not permitted in WA. Fully Online-only programs do not require authorization by the Washington Student Achievement Council. Distance learing degree programs in which the student is required to complete an internship, externship, clinical traing, etc. at a location in the State of Washington, among other restrictions, are not permitted by LSSU. Washington Survey
West Virginia Yes, our request, WV response. Fully online only. West Virginia only requires authorization of institutions opering within the state, however the rules define physical presence to include receiving assistance from any other organization in the state, clinical experiences, or internships. LSSU restricts online programs electives so as to not allow internships, clinical experiences or other similar curricular requirements as defined under WV 135-52-3.8. West Virginia Survey
Wisconsin Yes, response Under s.38.50 (1)(e) 2., Wis. Stats., [s]chools that are supported mainly by taxes are exempt from EAB oversight. Given that the exemption is not restricted to public institutions governed by the state of Wisconsin, the EAB has consistently interpreted this provision to mean any public college or university that is an instrumentality of a state is exempt. Because your institution meets this criterion, it is deemed to be exempt from EAB oversight. No restrictions based on physical presence. Wisconsin Survey
Wyoming No, pending review LSSU is seeking authorization under Chapter 30 of the Wyoming Department of Education Rules and Regulations. Wyoming Survey

LSSU Online Program Summary

Specifically for the degree program listed, internships are:
•Criminal Justice-Corrections: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Criminalistics: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Generalist: Bachelor of Science - optional
•Criminal Justice-Homeland Security: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Certification: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Certification with NRT: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Loss Control: Bachelor of Science - required
•Criminal Justice-Public Safety: Bachelor of Science - required
•Fire Science-Engineering Technology: Bachelor of Science - required
•Fire Science-Generalist: Bachelor of Science - required
•Fire Science-Generalist Non Certification: Bachelor of Science - optional
•Fire Science-Hazardous Materials: Bachelor of Science - required

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