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Student Alumni Involved for Lake State (SAILS)

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SAILS takes leadership role

Lake Superior State University and SAILS (Student Alumni Involved for Lake State) will serve as Association of Student Advancement Programs (ASAP) District headquarters for the next two years.

Jair Kollasch, sophomore from Howell, Michigan was elected District 5 representative during the ASAP District 5 conference held at The Ohio State University. His election also means that SAILS and advisor Mark Jastorff, associate vice president for advancement, will take an international leadership role in ASAP. Jair and SAILS assumed office on May 1. Lake State's term follows a two-year stint by the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Representative duties include coordinating communication between member schools, planning and coordinating conference activities, and representing member schools in the eight Midwest states of District 5. He will also sit on the ASAP executive board that formulates policy and procedures for the Association. There are nearly 400 schools and more than 3,400 student members of the Association.

Jastorff will also serve three years on the ASAP executive board including two years District 5 advisor.

At the same conference, Jastorff was named ASAP District 5 Outstanding Advisor for the second time in three years. The SAILS advisor also earned 1999 ASAP International Advisor of the Year honors.

Jen Drogowski, SAILS president, says SAILS pride makes a difference. "The fact that Jair was elected speaks highly of the reputation that Lake State and SAILS has at an international level. Mark's honors are well deserved. This is his third consecutive advisor award and that kind of recognition says it all about his commitment to LSSU and to SAILS."

Drogowski added her thanks to the Alumni Association Board of Directors and to Dr. Arbuckle. "Without their support, SAILS simply would not exist," she says.

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