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Shared Governance

Resolved Issues

Part of the charge of the Shared Governance Oversight Committee (SGOC) is to conduct an ongoing review of University issues reflecting/affecting the overall campus. If you have an issue that affects the overall University campus that you would like addressed, please complete and submit the Issue Submission Form.

Issue Status
Master Plan Review Resolved
Assessment Committee Recommendations Resolved
Maximum Credits for Prior Learning (HLC) Resolved
Moodle Recommendation Resolved
Grade Appeal Policy Resolved
Art Center Resolved
Addition of Strategy 6.6 to Strategic Plan Resolved
Emeritus Faculty Policy Resolved
One Class At A Time Committee Resolved
Veteran's Affairs Committee Resolved
Residency for Masters Degree Resolved
Athletic Travel During Finals Week Resolved
Scanning of Unofficial Transcripts Resolved
Title III and Online committee Resolved
Michigan Hall Utilization Resolved
Trespass Policy Resolved
Drop Classes Resolved
Deans List Policy Resolved
300/400 Level Minors 2nd Review Resolved
SGOC Process Education Resolved
SGOC and SGEC Combined Meetings Resolved
Multiple Degrees/Majors Resolved
Grants and Contracts Resolved
Electronic Devices Resolved
300/400 Level Minors Resolved
Sustainability Committee_Final Disposition Resolved
Grade Change Policy_Final Disposition Resolved
Excused Absence Policy_Final Disposition Resolved
Academic Policies & Procedures APPC Resolved
Electronic Devices in Class Resolved
Course Repeat Policy Resolved
Transfer Students_Grade Policy Resolved
Use of I Grade Resolved
Policy for Granting of Certificates Resolved
Honors Policy_Final Resolved
SickLeaveBuyout_Final Resolved

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