Redefining the Classroom

Title III Strengthening Institution Grant

Strategies: Learning Management System (LMS)

A number of faculty members use a learning management system to enhance student learning. This system provides convenient access to class resources, lecture notes, quizzes, student discussion groups and journals and other learning activities. Many universities have realized major cost savings by moving from proprietary platforms to open-source LMS systems. In response to HLC recommendations as well as the economic benefit, LSSU is investigating that path as well. This move represents a strategic opportunity to improve instructional efficiency and put us on a more sound financial footing.

Please refer to the documents below to learn more about the Title III proposal to transition to the Moodle open-source LMS:





If you would like to try out Moodle's features for yourself as a teacher or as a student, Moodle has created a site to make that easy for you to do. You can practice and test-drive anything you'd like in this demonstration course. The site resets completely at the top of each hour, so you can start again from scratch every hour if you'd like. Just click on the link below and login as instructed, and you can find out just how easy Moodle is to use:

Moodle Practice Site: Try it out in any role!