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Great Lake State Weekend

Registration October 24-25, 2014

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Yes! We are attending the following FREE events:
Ice Cream Social (Fri.)
Kid Kollege (ages 5-12) (Sat.) Tailgate Barbeque & Beer Bash (Sat.)
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Special Interest Reunions & Receptions
I am part of the Political Science 1996-2000 Reunion
Friday, October 24
  7:00pm - Special group seating for Political Science alumni during Laker Hockey vs. Northern Michigan University (Taffy Abel Arena) - order tickets below
  10:00pm - Political Science Alumni post-game gathering (Moloney's Alley)
Saturday, October 25
  11am-12n - Reception with LSSU President Tom Pleger (President's House)
  1-3pm - Roundtable on the Nature of Leadership
In light of your experience since graduation, we will together revisit a few of Plato's great issues:
(1) What qualities make a good leader?
(2) Does good leadership require immoral behavior?
(3) Do nice guys (men or women) really finish last? (Cisler Crow's Nest)
  3-4:30pm - Reception with Current Political Science Majors (Cisler Crow's Nest)
  7:00pm - Special group seating for Political Science alumni during Laker Hockey vs. Nothern Michigan University (Taffy Abel Arena) - order tickets below
  10pm - Political Science Alumni Reception (Applebee's Private Room)
Sunday, October 26
  10am - Farewell Brunch (Cisler Crow's Nest)
I am a graduate of the School of Biological Sciences
Yes! I will attend Saturday's School of Biology reception. (# attending)
Consider attending Friday's Alumni Awards banquet as well, where one of or own - Aaron Mize, Fish & Wildlife 2002 - will be receiving the Paul Ripley Award for Young Alumni.
Event Registration
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GLSW Registration - FREE!
Alumni Awards Banquet on Friday
$20 per person
Hockey tickets for Friday's game $10 per person $
Laker Mens Basketball vs. Spring Arbor on Saturday - FREE to GLSW Registrants FREE!  
Hall of Fame Induction on Saturday $10 per person $
Hockey tickets for Saturday's game $10 per person $
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NOTE: LSSU students receive a t-shirt free of charge upon showing their student ID at the GLSW registration table while supplies last.
NOTE: Alumni Association members are eligible to receive one free t-shirt. Show your membership card at the registration table to receive yours.
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