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Alum Success

"I chose to transfer to Lake Superior State University because of the personal attention I would receive. I did not want to attend a large university where I would be a number lost in the masses. The well-rounded curriculum allowed me to obtain my position at John Deere. Having a good balance of theory and hands-on knowledge is critical for my position and Lake State gave me a good foundation in these skills."

Maria DiValentin, Mechanical Engineering 2001
Field Service Representative,
John Deere Power Systems
Waterloo, IA

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering combines

Engineers create and design the products we use every day. They work to improve the things we use to live, work, and play. As an engineer you’ll use your mind and your creative talents to solve all kinds of problems. The field of engineering is as varied as your imagination.

Educated and prepared...

LSSU’s ABET-accredited computer engineering program is an excellent mix of theory and practical lab experiences. The program combines aspects of computer science with electrical engineering. Computer engineers design computer systems that control hardware. Typical applications are systems that control communication systems, navigation systems, airbags, anti-lock brakes, engine controllers or any embedded computer controlled system. Graduates can choose from positions ranging from computer systems design, software or hardware development to research, robotics and applications.

We understand the importance of hands-on learning. More than 75% of our engineering courses offer lab activities. Students participate in a senior year experience in one of three project areas: co-op, industrial, or applied research, helping them make the transition from the undergraduate classroom to the workplace or graduate studies.

Engineering graduates who have gone into the workplace have enjoyed nearly 100% placement with competitive starting salaries. Those who have chosen to work towards higher degrees have attended institutions such as Purdue, Notre Dame and the University of Hawaii. Their work has included underwater robotics applications, computer intrusion detection, differential geometry and nonlinear control theory. 

Program Options

  • Robotics and Automation Option
    The robotics and automation option will provide you with a strong background in robotics applications, robotics system design and integration, machine vision, sensors, communications, manufacturing simulation and automation.

    LSSU is one of only a few universities in the U.S. with a robotics specialization at the undergraduate level. Our $1 million+ robotics lab includes 14 industrial robots, machine vision systems and intelligent sensors. Students begin working extensively with the robots at the junior level with a potential for earlier opportunities.

    Companies that are involved in robotics and automation specifically seek out LSSU graduates. Employers include FANUC Robotics, GM, Applied Manufacturing Technologies, GE, JR Automation, Kawasaki Robotics and Robotek.

  • Control Systems
    Courses in Statics, Control Systems, and Design of Control Systems provide you with a background in linear analysis and linear feedback systems, and control system design techniques. Job opportunities are found with titles such as controls engineers, systems engineers, project engineers, hardware or software design engineers, and applications engineers.

  • General
    Electives are selected from a variety of disciplines. These can be used to complete a minor in mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science or robotics.

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The School of Engineering & Technology Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012, telephone: (410) 347-7700.

Senior Project Earns Recognition

Under the direction of Prof. Jim Devaprasad, the senior project team Automated Promotional Engineering Systems (APES) designed and built a mobile robotics workcell that showcases various automation technologies.

“Given the national need to encourage young minds to seek careers in math and science fields, we hope to entice young individuals to the exciting opportunities in engineering and technology by demonstrating this mobile robotic workcell,” said Devaprasad. “It has already been showcased many times at LSSU in the summer engineering camps and for visitors in the engineering departments.”

The workcell’s robot demonstrates two projects: automatic solving of a user-scrambled Rubik’s cube (above), and the automated assembly of an automotive distributor (below).

The unit can be taken into classrooms and exhibitions to showcase engineering and the manufacturing process. Devaprasad said it demonstrates technologies such as automated system control, machine vision, robotic tool change and manufacturing sensors, all of which are taught to students enrolled in the robotics and automation option.

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Dereck Wonnacutt Robotics and Computer Science

"Lake Superior State is the only robotics program of its kind in the country. I can work up any research or senior project idea with a professor or my advisor. I studied for a year in Japan through LSSU's connection with the Japan Center for Michigan Universities, and became fluent in Japanese. A Japanese company called Fanuc makes most of the robots in our lab. I'd like to roll my senior research project into a career with Fanuc that bridges the two countries and cultures."

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