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Student Alumni Involved for Lake State (SAILS)

Honorary SAILS

As the situation warrants, SAILS bestows honorary membership upon individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in their support of the organization. SAILS is proud of their work for Lake State, and we recognize that what we do and what we accomplish is because of the support of many people, on and off campus. To these folks, we say `Thank You.'

Barbara CliffBarbara Cliff

Barb, who is CEO at Cheboygan Hospital and currently serves as First Vice Chair of the LSSU Board of Trustees, has been an ardent support of SAILS since its inception in 1994. The 1979 LSSU alumna served on the Lake State Alumni Board of Directors and was the board’s vice president until her appointment to the Trustees. Barb’s support of the program in its inception was critical. But much more importantly, she has always had words of encouragement for any and all SAILS. She often participates in our and many University events. She has served as a personal and professional mentor, she has shared her time and resources, and best of all, she is a friend.

Susan Fitzpatrick

Susan has worked with the group in some way, shape or form since its founding in 1994. As a part of the University's advancement staff, "Fitz" has always worked closely with SAILS - sometimes as an advisor, sometimes by just pointing SAILS in the right direction, and always as a friend and advocate.Sue has always been there with an idea and a smile. There are many events and projects that she has helped us plan and manage. This is our way to thank her for all of her support.

Sodexho, Inc.
The good folks who bring the very best to campus for special events, meals and banquets. This is the first time that a group of individuals representing an organizations have been honored. Every time SAILS has an event, every event that Lake State hosts, you will find Tom, Ray, Jamie and Steve doing whatever it takes to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
Whether we call Patti, or talk with Terri or Cathy at the front desk, they all go out of their way to help. We can't tell you how often this staff has come to our aid. The seniors in SAILS - all of whom have worked closely with Great Lake State Weekend, the 2002 ASAP District 5 conference or any of the hundreds of events we have hosted or sponsored, wanted to say thank you.

Dr. Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle2000
Dr. Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle

LSSU SAILS would not exist were it not for President Arbuckle. It was with his blessing that SAILS was founded in 1994. His constant encouragement and support has allowed SAILS to grow into its mission as LSSU ambassadors. He often tells us that we make him Lake State Proud. We can say the same of he and Lorraine.The First Lady is always at our events with a smile and words of encouragement. Her willingness to share their home and hospitality is always appreciated.


Kari Jastorff1999
Kari Jastorff

Kari has graciously opened her home to SAILS for a slew of parties and celebrations. Her smorgasbord at Super Bowl parties is legendary. More importantly, Kari often lends a hand at SAILS events, and through her work in the Provost Office has assisted countless SAILS through difficult situations. There is no truth to the rumor that she received this honor for putting up with Mark, our advisor, and her spouse.

Rick Fitzpatrick

Pingatore Cleaners
Each year, Rick volunteers to clean and maintain the SAILS clothing at no cost to the group. Thanks to his generosity, several hundred dollars a year can be used for campus activities and programs.Rick is an '82 alumnus who also was a charter member of the reorganized Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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